I need to resize my text to button to be visible using Unity 4.6 UI

Hi guys…ok so the thing is that whenever i scale my button to a small size the text shrinks which makes the text somewhat hard to read…i want to resize my buttons to a smaller size but want to make the text still readable…is there a way to move the interaction/interactable property from the text of the button so that i may resize the text without worrying about the click out of the button bounds.

As you can see the second pic is good…but whenever i resize it the text resizes…in short i want the same text size on the other button aswell since i want many many buttons and its for an android phone .

Thank you :slight_smile:

I guess that’s an image you’re using and not text because text wouldn’t scale.

Try re-sizing the button then adding the text image and tick preserve aspect ratio. If the image has a lot of empty space at the edges try cutting it down with an image editor so the text in the image fills almost all the image.

hope that helps.


Sorry I went out so only just got this. What are the settings in the Text component of your Button?

This is the Text component for a button I just placed on my Canvas. If I scale the button to be thinner the Text stays the same size if I make it really thin then all I can see is the B but it’s still the same size.

I wonder if it treats different font types differently.


whenever i scale my button

There is your problem. UI elements are not meant to be scaled. Rather you should adjust the size of the RectTransform.

(Note: It does make sense to scale world space canvases. But this should be done once, and evenly on the canvas. Everything else should be by size.)

Once you scale the button to the desired size.
You can then scale the Text ( i.e “Scale the Rect Transform property” under inspector of the selected text ) size to a clearly visible size.

Original(Default) Size

Smaller Size