I notice there is a big difference about memory use shown on unity profiler and xcode ?

My project uses Unity 4.7.0 and builds a xcode project with il2cpp. But when I check the memory use, the number shown on xcode is bigger than it shown on profiler, about 70~80M more.
So, I want to know is that correct or it’s a bug of Unity?

Thanks for any help!

When checking the memory usage on device, I strongly recommend running it as a release build (i.e. not a debug build and built using the XCode release schema) and profile it using Instruments. This is the best way to get an actual memory usage reading where as other methods can be misleading.

@LS_sugar Hi! I have the similar issue: https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/5-4-1-unitys-profiler-device-memory-consumption-differs-from-xcode-numbers.434871/

@phil_me_up And regarding running the application in a release build, yep, I did this as well and memory consumption was still high.

This is a major issue because I’d like to trust the built-in profiler and it’s the only tool which can tell me what exactly consumes memory. I simply don’t know how to get rid of those extra 80Mb and currently it’s a blocker for my application on 512Mb RAM devices(e.g. Ipad2)