I Really Need Help Increasing FPS!

Hello Everyone! I am working on a game that has a huge forest for an environment. I have ran into a major problem. I can’t figure out how to increase the Framerate! Currently, it runs at about 25-30 FPS, but it feels quite choppy. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Here are some facts that I want to give you:

  • I have the free version of Unity 3D
  • I want to have colliders on the tree :confused:
  • I have written a script that I (thought) would make the game run at high FPS, but I plugged in the value 200, and it is still choppy.

Light sources KILL fps. Make sure you only have one directional light. The others dont really matter. Another things is audio listeners. As mentioned about, draw calls. Label things as static so that the GPU can save on draw calls by batching.

import both script in your project and attach CombineChildren.cs to empty gameobject which is parent of all gameobject in hierarchy
this will reduce drawcall and improve performance