I really need help pls I cant open my thesis proj because it says "Couldn't create compiled assemblies folder",Hi everyone I really need help i cant open my thesis project in unity..it says "Couldn't create compile assemblies folder"

@Unity_gamer @Bunny83

I had this problem too - I think the Library/ScriptAssemblies folder had become corrupt. I couldn’t even do anything with it in Windows Explorer.

Luckily, if you delete that folder then Unity will regenerate it the next time it starts.

But for me, Windows is not letting me touch the damn thing, so I couldn’t delete it.

So the solution was to make a copy of the whole project - minus the Library/ScriptAssemblies folder - and then open that project in Unity.

Worked for me, I hope it works for you too.

I know this thread is old, but to piggy-back on theFongz’ answer for anyone finding this in the days of tomorrow, the entire Library folder will be regenerated the next time Unity is launched if it is deleted. If deleting the Library/ScriptAssemblies folder doesn’t work, try deleting the whole Library folder or theFongz’ other suggestion of cloning the project.

Side note, because it’s regenerated when the project is opened in Unity, deleting the Library folder is also a good way to cut down on file size if you need to upload your entire project anywhere or move it onto external storage.