I really need som' good help from a pro :|

Okay hello ther’ folks, uhm, well want to learn to script, but iv found it really hard to learn, and to top that im not sure what script i shud learn first, som of me friends says C#, som’ Java and so on, so my question is this :slight_smile: :

What Scripting is best for scripting games? like java, c++, c#, so on,?

I really wants a good and quick answer so i can begin to study as fast as posible, (sorry for me english, som’ of the sentences might hav’ som gramma errors n such :p)

Regards, Remless

I think you should consider what platform you want to build for first. If you want to use Unity (as you ask here in a Unity forum) I would suggest that you go for C# or Javascript as they are the most common languages available for Unity and other platforms.

If you were coding native applications (games/programs) for smartdevices such as iPhone/iPad/iOS then it would be Objective-C and if you are going to do it on Android devices its all about Java.

If you want to develop in Flash Actionscript, then it looks a lot like C#/javascript.

But never the less, learning a language is great, learning two languages is even better, but the first one is the hardest as you have to learn about IF… THEN structures, variables, arrays, strings etc.

So my advice is: pick a goal and a platform that will allow it. Eg. a small PING-PONG game made in Unity. Select javascript or C# and then build the game with all the troubles it gives. After that, advance to something more difficult like … Pac-Man. They are all very old games, but they still includes some of the most common coding problems needed.

If you need to learn Unity, I would recommend watching most of all the video tutorials on this site: http://www.unity3dstudent.com/

Thank you for the advices :slight_smile: Uhm, another thing i really want to know is, well, i am (obviously) a noob, n’ iv been lookin around, and alot of forums n such expect you to know the basics,something I don’ :S and what is really the diffrens between Java and C#? Besides many ppl mean java is easier to learn?
1 . Is it a place (dictionary? x.x)where a person, like me, who has absolutely no experience with scripting can learn at least basics?
2 . and what is really the diffrens between Java and C#? if you like want to (try to, when ya get better)make a fantasy/medival ish singleplayer game?

and again, thank you for the quick answer, man :slight_smile: