I saved a scene into Dropbox, and when I download the Scene from Dropbox, its all blank!?!

I am working on a scene for my Multi-Media Design class, and I saved a scene to dropbox so I can work on it @home. However when I download the file, and open it up, its a blank scene. My current ((the original)) is all messed up due to errors. And I needa get ahold of my file so I can turn the saved one in!

Does anyone know how I can successfully open the scene from Dropbox? ((Dropbox Size of File; 69.76 KB))

My Link; https://www.dropbox.com/s/llnbtfqkl7z7io2/WIP.unity

Chances are, you are screwed.

This is why you should ALWAYS make backups when doing any software development.

IF you are on a Mac, AND you have time machine set up like you should, then you should be able to get an older version of the directory from it.

Don’t know if it’s your case but sometimes unity doesn’t load the escene by default and when it starts the environment is empty. In these cases yo need to select the escene from the project panel in order to load it