I still feel like I can't make a game lol [rant]

I have A LOT of education on game development.

Here is "some" of the education I have:

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I can create different pieces of a game. I can even put them all together and create a "game"... but nothing I create feels like... a game.

I feel like I have A LOT of gaps in my learning, but not sure where to cover those gaps. All the courses on Unity Learn are segments rather than complete showing you how to accomplish one primary task.

One thing that I have yet to learn and even if you Google it, doesn't appear to exist on the internet at all... anywhere... is how to save user data to a server/database.

I feel like none of the courses found anywhere online are complete.

I am an expert web programmer. I became an expert with essentially 5 courses. FIVE. HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, and JavaScript. Although, I do know more than that. Making a point that with 5 courses, I was able to build a fully functional social networking website (and many other websites)... with just 5 courses.

In comparison, I have taken dozens of game development courses and hundreds of tutorials and still feel like I know... nothing.

I am just ranting... but, if you feel like providing some advice, feel free!

You don't become an expert through courses. You become an expert by gaining experience.

Have you never written JavaScript code to communicate with a server?


these courses teach you tools to make games, not how to make a game.

I understand that, I actually became an "expert" through years of practice, but essentially it was the 5 courses that allowed that to happen. In comparison, I feel like I have more game development education than I do web development, but, I feel like that game development education hasn't gotten me anywhere.

I still feel like something is missing in order to make a "complete" game. I learned a little about data persistence, but what if you wanted to play the same game on a different device? Why does NO COURSE on the internet teach this, for example? One of the many gaps I feel I need to cover.

Before you learn anything else you need to learn this: the concepts you learn in one field apply to the other. For example here is an article covering WebSocket communication involving Node and React. Everything it teaches applies to Unity too with the only differences being language and API calls.


welcome to the stark reality, you can have qualifications and hours of education and still not actually be good - please, please show this to employers who seem to think having a degree in klingon makes you better than 20+ years experience.

However, you have the tools, you arent stupid.. so.
pic a simple thing, be prepared to screw it up a lot, ask some specific questions and make I dunno tic tac toe... or one of those picture shuffle games where its on liker 11 squares and you can only move a square to the empty slot. or, master mind where it picks random stuff and you have to guess it.. screw it up, but you will get there..

You certain that you can't find info about save and load?

and how to build for different platforms?

there is a lot to learn. most people start by making small simple games and just publish to steam or web build.

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Node uses an http connection. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I wouldn't think that

I do know how to publish to steam or webGL. Also, the title of that video could be the problem. If I watched every video I found in a Google search, it would be the year 2718 before I found what I was looking for. The title of that video gives me NO information as to what I'm looking for and therefore, would not be one of the thousands of videos I've chosen to watch.

You can communicate between Unity and a server using an http connection. I've known of developers using the following API and a PHP script on a server to communicate data back and forth. My point is still the same. You're looking at game development and thinking it's magically all different when it isn't.


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Well, that could be the first useful piece of information I've heard. I didn't know that PHP could be use to create a database connection with a game. I was thinking the connection had to be created through c# because that's what we use for game development. I wasn't aware any other language could be used as that has never been explained to me.

well php does it on a web server, your game then asks the webserver to get the data and give it back to the game..

You're right. I thought game development was magically different. lol - so... game development connects through http? So... can I host through a VPS or do I have to self-host through Apache port 80? I really don't want to self-host anything I plan on being a success because I don't have multiple locations to set up failover clustering, which would be a pain in keeping uptime over 99%.

I remember long ago, Jason Weimann said a few times in his videos, "they say game dev is the hardest thing in the world"

I kind of scoffed at the idea, harder than brain surgery? Harder than rocket science?

I am neither of those, so I cant say for sure, but I am pretty sure... Yeah, it is the hardest thing in the world.


the joy is, you can always move it, so sure find some crappy website you put a db on with some php/asp front end to serve your game, but, you can always move it, and point the game to the new...

Rocket Science actually isn't that hard. The "hardest" part about rocket science is Calculus. I took Calculus in 5th grade. Math is definitely not a problem area for me. I also took an Aeronautical Engineering course as an elective in college. That course was easier than game development has been so far. lol


The medicine field is a good keyword. There's a reason why you won't get a degree or permission to work in that field without one year of supervised but practical experience.

Game dev just needs that too. It feels like a silly idea to attempt to learn all the many many things needed and only start afterwards. You will have forgotten half of those. Especially when they are taught separately on separate examples.
It's the practical application when you start to see connections and parallels between what you have encountered in the past.

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Here's some of my creations: https://d14u82.itch.io/ and some more: https://play.unity.com/u/faulknordonald - I feel like I don't have the tools necessary to "finish" any of them and make into an actual, playable (and fun) game.

what are these games lacking?

finding the "fun" is harder than making a game.. a game is a game but no one said it had to be fun to you.. it just needs to be fun to someone...