I subscribed to swords and shovels but can't get back in. How do I continue,I subscribed to swords and shovels but I can't get back onto the course

So I subscribed to swords and shovels, but I can’t find where I’m supposed to go to continue the course

Does it not appear in the startup page of your Editor?

Nope ok I found it


Info was on Unity Game Dev Courses: Swords and Shovels


How do I access the course, now that I’ve signed up?

Look out for a confirmation email from Unity (please check Spam folders).
Click the link to go to our partner Pluralsight’s website.
Create a profile on Pluralsight.
You can then access the courses on the Pluralsight website.
We recommend bookmarking the courses page for easy access.
You will also receive a confirmation email from Pluralsight that can be used to login to the courses at any time.


I participated in last month’s Unity Plus subscription activity.With a year of swords and shovels teaching courses.I only looked at it for a month, but I can’t see it this month. Is it the same problem?,Hello!