I try to Create a DLL for get WM_TOUCH windows message!

Hi, I try to make a Dll to get the touch info of WM_TOUCH. for try to get message without source code of Unity, I create a other transparent window in front of unity window and translate the WM_TOUCH message in variable. After I call function like GetPoint(); to get touch Point coordonate. My probleme it's, I don't get any message from my windows and if a try to create a other white window to show it, I don't see any window in front of the Unity window.

You can download the project from this link : Touch_New_Win

You might want to consider using the uniTUIO framework/plugin in combination with the Touch2TUIO Windows7->TUIO touch bridge, it works quite well, even in fullscreen mode, and you don’t need the hassle of overlay windows or external .dll’s.