I wanna ask question about asset store

Hello everyone, ı just wondering about asset store. Why must we use pack of asset store ? is it pointless to make game with ready package (models,animation and all script) ??? I hope you understand me :slight_smile: ı want to make game but ı dont know about animation and create models but ı know c# pls tell me How should I proceed ???

well for models you have 3 to choice

  1. download free or buy models (as you can see some of them free and some must you buy)
  2. build models by yourself
  3. pay an artist to build models for you

for script and animation same way

well if you have great idea you can build your own game with this packages if it possible and maybe others like it too but don’t remember to check packages license
i hope this is what you wanna to hear :smiley: