I want to call a script from a another script.

I want to make a Spell system where i can easy change the spells. For Example, you are playing a Warrior so you have skills a,b,c but if you choose to be a Mage you have x,y,z skills.
Is there an option to make something like a GameObject just for a Script?

I guess you could make a script called ‘Spells’ and then in your ‘Player’ script you would want to make a reference to this script.

Spells spells;

void Start() {
     spells = GetComponent<Spells>();

Then you could make each spell as a public function in the ‘Spells’ script so you can call them from your ‘Player’ script. Eventually you’d want to check the player’s class before casting any of these spells. I suggest you do this using a switch somewhere and then inherit the correct spells according to the class.

string class = "Warrior";

switch (class) {
     case "Warrior":
          // Allow the warrior spells
     case "Mage":
          // Allow the mage spells

I’m sure you’ll find a way around this. Also check the code for typos etc. Hope this could help in any way.