I want to change the "Data" folder when using il2Cpp

Projects created using il2Cpp use files such as “Managed / Metadata / grobal-metadata.dat” and “unity default resource” by referring to the “Data” folder when executing the application, but this “Data” Can I change the folder to an arbitrary directory?

Currently I confirmed that it can be executed by placing the “Data” folder right under “.app”, but due to the circumstances of the project, since it has become a specification to download resources, directly place “Data” folder It is a difficult situation to do so it will be helpful if you give me advice.

Below is the development environment version.
Unity: 4.6.9 f 1
xcode: 7.2.1

------------ google translate -----------
il2Cppを使用して作成したプロジェクトはアプリ実行時に「Data」フォルダを参照して「Managed/Metadata/grobal-metadata.dat」や「unity default resource」などのファイルを使用しますが、この「Data」フォルダを任意のディレクトリへ変更する事は出来ないでしょうか?


Unity : 4.6.9f1
xcode : 7.2.1

It is not possible to change the name of this folder.