I want to change Total coins collected Text

Well i got a text next to my coins sprite and i want to change the score to be the same as my double “coins” but i have no idea how to do that i searched in forums about it but couldnt find the answer i need this is my code.

It is attached to my sprite changer.Can i create another script to attach it to the text UI or i need to add the code in this script ?

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class SpriteChanger : MonoBehaviour {
	public Sprite sprite1;
	public Sprite sprite2; 
	private SpriteRenderer spriteRenderer; 
	static public double coins = 0.00;

	void Start ()
		spriteRenderer = GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>(); 
			spriteRenderer.sprite = sprite1; 

	void Update ()
		if (coins >= 30) { 
			ChangeTheDamnSprite (); 
			coins = 0;


	void ChangeTheDamnSprite ()
		if (spriteRenderer.sprite == sprite1) 
			spriteRenderer.sprite = sprite2;
	void UpdateScore (){


Right at the top of the script add using UnityEngine.UI;

Next, below your other variables, add public Text coinCount;

Now, in the inspector drag and drop the text you want to use to display the text.

Back to the script, where you increase the coin count, below add the line countCount.Text = coins.ToString();

This will display the coins variable to the text object you have in the editor

Hope this helps