i want to create a game that based on multiplayer but in offline that connects with hotspot and wifi

which means a player turned on hotspot in their mobile is host and the device which is connected to that hotspot acts as a client when starts the game both entered into the same room . this is the base idea so iam searching from a while for this topic but i didnt find any thing
please help me in that thank you

Photon Bolt supports this pretty easily however if you want true offline you would have to get Photon Bolt Pro - but you should probably compromise and require an internet connection in your game just for it to connect to the Photon Network although all data and communication would be over the LAN (they need it to count your CCU usage).

The idea is that your client will connect and talk directly to the host via LAN, and anyone can host a game on the local LAN. But Photon still wants an available internet connection to be able to count the CCU usage for billing.
Your programming (States, Events) and handling of the game networking doesn’t change whether LAN or via internet.