I want to do something like the Smash Brothers smash effect

When you kill someone in Smash Bros Ultimate, the whole screen turns red behind the two fighters: Smash Ultimate Tournament Grand Finals - 6WX (Incineroar) vs The Great Gonzales (Palutena) - CNB 175 - YouTube

So I want to do something like this - I have a world with a terrain, and there are players standing on the terrain. I have a particle effect prefab that fills the screen kind of like the Smash thing, which I instantiate behind the players. So this successfully has the players render in front of the terrain… but the terrain that is closer to the camera than the particle effect renders on TOP of the particle effect.

I’ve read about the 2 camera method, which would allow me to render the particle effect over everything(including the players). But how do I make the particle effect render on TOP of the terrain, but UNDER the players?

Late replay, you may have a solution by now, but posting here for others… you should be able to use sorting layers, or if you run into issues you can always 3 cameras. Main camera switches to a player-only camera and also turns on an effects camera ( each with different depths ).