I want to fold paper in Unity

I am trying to double fold the paper made in the blender but it is not working. The first fold is successful, but in the second fold, Bourne is working alone and the mesh is not following. .blender and .fbx files attached.



What would I need to do in Unity to fix this? I don't have a lot of Blender animation experience, so a simple explanation for a 5 year old would be great:sweat_smile:

8966481--1232328--fbx.zip (117 KB)

I don't really like solving problems like this but this one is a lot harder to explain than done also you need to make it work to explain it.
You need a bone for all the moving vertices of the mesh for folding it 2 times. Your rig setup was wrong in regard placement of bones and hierarchy and it was too simplistic. Even with a good setup 4 bones would not give you the expected results in these conditions, they would cause a lot of unwanted bending.
So here it is, I hope you would not just readly use it in your project without checking it first.

8967762--1232643--BendingPaper.zip (105 KB)


thanks for your kind reply. I really understood everything and actually managed to fold it twice. And I realized that this gets very complicated as the number of bends increases.

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you could try using shape keys instead of rigging maybe

Yeah, I have tried the shape key as well, but it makes the fold uncomfortable to move more than 90 degrees because it takes the shortest path.:(