I want to generate a prefab at random location in my model

I am trying to generate a model at different locations of my terrain. I have a Narrow street like terrain built and i want my objects to be placed at different locations of the terrain and at different times.The player has to destroy the objects to score so there can be 2 or more prefabs side by side or none.But i am finding it difficult to apply.Any help would be appreciated .Thank you

The easiest way would probably be to set up a bunch of empty game objects as spawn points all throughout the map. Then make a code that randomly picks one of the empty game objects and instantiate the object you want the player to destroy.

//Set up an array to hold all your spawn points.
    //Once done do something like this...
    if(spawnTimer > spawnCooldown)
       int randomSpawn = Random.Range(0, spawnArray.length);
       Instantiate(object, spawnSpot[randomSpawn].transform.position, spawnSpot[randomSpawn].transform.rotation);

That should give you pretty much what you want.