I want to get rid of Localization Editor's this part

I don't want to use the function to change the name of my String Table.
I want to get rid of this part, what should I do?8958462--1230483--Capture.png

What do you mean? You want to remove that field from the table editor?
Can you please explain what you are trying to achieve? Are you customizing the package code?

Yes, I want to remove that field from the Editor.

In my project, the Unity Editor occurs a fatal error when I change a String Table’s name, And the location of this field is very dangerous to me.

To prevent my mistake, I want to remove that.

What is the error you get? That sounds like a bug.
If you must remove it then you will need to embed the package into the project by moving it Into the package folder in the project. You can then find the code that gets this field and disable it. Im not near the code at the moment but I believe the field is inside of a uxml file and found using a lookup in the table editor class.

the error is ::

(I’ll report this later)

And I removed the field. Yay!
Thank you for your help!