I want to great games on Unity but I dont know coding not even little bit of it. Is it possible for me to create a game?

Hello guys. i want to great games on unity but i dont know coding not even little bit of it. so is it possible for me to create a game ?? just drag and drop ones??


There are quite a few game engines, that require not a lot of coding.
Unity is the wrong game engine if you cant code and dont want to learn it.
Unreal engine uses blueprints (mostly no coding), but its a bit complicated.

You could use Godot, but
I would suggest using Gamemaker.

If you want to learn Game developing with Unity (learn coding in Unity C#), you could check out some YouTubers, like Brackeys.
Trust me, it is easier than it looks like, just try to follow a YT Tutorial and try to learn from that. At least thats how I am learning.

Hope that helped-

Hello, I agree with @Kenan_Nynor, if you don’t know any coding, and if you don’t want to learn it, Unity isn’t the right game engine for you.

However, C# is very easy to learn, the great thing about C# is that it is not just jumbled words and numbers, everything an be though about logically.

I suggest that if you are interested in learning C#, try using this Unity course: https://learn.unity.com/course/create-with-code This is a beginner course that will teach you the basics of code and the unity editor.

However you chose to learn, I recommend that you start with creating something basic. Example: Your first game might be a cube that goes left and right using the left and right arrow keys.
My first game was a cube that wandered across a plane and avoided red balls falling into the sky.

do suggest me guys i really want to create games and publish them on playstore. :((((

ok great if i start from here from this url https://learn.unity.com/course/create-with-code. so do you think i would slowly and gradually learn the coding and make my own games