I want to launch the application by double clicking on the saved original file.

I am creating an application for MACOSX standalone player. Save the file with its own extension. I want to read the data by double clicking on the saved file.
I am planning on how to get command line arguments.
We rewritten info.plist and made association.
However, the application does not support this format. A warning is displayed and the path does not appear in the command line argument.

As a result of examination, I thought that it would be an error if I created a function like native appdelegate and return value is not returned, but I did not understand the concrete method and it got stuck.

please tell me.

Hi, I have the same issue.
The GetCommandLineArg() work on Windows but on macOS it does not return the path to file was opened. it works well on windows bth. Have you find any solutions?