I want to learn Unity

I want to learn Unity but I don’t know where to start can any one guide me step by step to reach my goal for becoming an expert using Unity.

Hi keepines,

obviously you should start with the basics.
It all depends on what you want to do with Unity. Are you a Programmer? A designer?
Do you want to make games?
Do you want to make tools for other teams?

I guess you want to code so heres a bit of a starting point for you:

Learn the basics: Download the Unity Editor and check the editor out a bit. :slight_smile:

Then I would suggest you learn the basics of C# (don’t do JavaScript - personal opinion).

The C# documentation can be found here:
And tutorial should be plenty on the internet or on youtube.

Unity itself has a lot of great video tutorials on how to do the basics.

(Payed variant) https://www.udemy.com/unitycourse/

(you will find similar tutorials by googleing)

After that it will get a bit more complicated.

Here is a starting point:

For me the best learning experience is always to have an idea of a small game or application and just try it out.

An example would be an Asteroids game (Asteroids – Wikipedia) or Pong or sth. else really simple.

Think about what the game should have / do
In case of Asteroids maybe:

  • A ship that can be moved with WASD or the mouse
  • Asteroids that explode into little pieces
  • Some sound effects like explosions
  • a score system to show the points
  • a UI that show the score

When you’ve done that, think bigger.
Add new features to the game.
Maybe a Highscore system and after that a Highscore system hosted somewhere in the web.

Continue until you know everything :slight_smile: You can always start a new game/application with new goals and features.

If you get stuck just do as we all do: Use google

If you can’t figure sth out about unity just search: unity get text of website (for example)

If you want to know sth about the C# code you search for CSharp delegate or unity delegate callbacks.

I hope this will help you a bit in your quest to be the master of unity.


One Note: You will probably never master unity, c# or any coding language, there is always something new. Just keep programming, keep learning and you will do just fine. :slight_smile: