I Want to learn

.I already know XNA 3d…Is there any tutorial site that teaches unity 3d c# from the basics …Is there any site like gameinstitute that teaches unity and creating a racing game with unity

If I were learning Unity3D, as a beginner, I’d start with Unity’s new tutorial series. They have tutorials on how to use the Editor, write scripts, use physics, audio, and so on. I haven’t watched any of them yet, but they look like they are quite thorough. They also have a bunch of sample projects and assets. As far as I can tell, they are intended for an absolute beginner audience.

There is Unity 3D Student. He does them in Javascript but they are really understandable and they help for getting started and moving on. Go onto the learning modules on the site and start on either Essentials (if you know absolutely nothing) or Beginner (start to understand scripts and learn new functions and stuff).