I want to make a dynamic cloud database.

So… yeah, i’m looking to store usernames, passwords, health, stats, equipment variables etc.

I would like to use a cloud db… preferably free, for testing purposes.

I need a point in the right direction… It seems like i’m going to need to use Php in anything I use…

The database will use MySQL code, and Unity will use monodevelop code… where does the php code go?

Please… just a point in the right direction

assuming youre making an online game. You should get smartfox server for unity games, this will let you access a database easily. then you could just look for a free mysql database place - a google search found this site: http://www.db4free.net/ - not sure if reliable. but yes a smartfox server would put you in the right place to start with for simple access to a mysql database - there are many tutorials and videos to learn to set it up. please let me know if i am wrong on assuming an online game.