I want to make a very basic cube fall apart when my sphere hits it. how do i do it?

i have a basic sphere and i want it so when my sphere hits the cube it falls apart. i would prefer not to have to spend money on getting one of the asset store things and i am not looking for amazing falling just something that falls apart when the ball hits it.

Lets say you want to shatter it in 8 smaller cubes.
You have your Maincube 1,1,1 size.
create 8 cubes 0.5,0.5,0.5 and set them close together as would those be the bigger one.
Create a empty Gameobject and place it in the center of that cubes.
Make all smaller cubes Children of the Gameobject lets call it “remains”.
Also give em all small cubes ridigbody components.

Now when your sphere triggers the main box, destroy it, and instantiate “remains” with the smaller pieces on the same position the cube was.

Thats basicly it.

Cheers and good luck.