I want to make an app that has a ringtone

Here’s the real deal, i am a true beginner and YouTube+Google don,t seem to be helping be as much as i would’ve thought.

So i came here, the question is i want to make an app that when ever you open your phone you will get a noise e.g. ringtone and a little music, but in unity i am not really sure how to find the place to out your audio and how will i have the interaction to the phone/tablet this would be truly helpful.

Sincerely, Dingtry

Unity only “works” while a mobile app is open. They don’t provide an API for functionality that works while the app is in the background. This means, playing a sound when a user unlocks their phone is not possible with the Unity API. Unity apps are meant for games, so you could play a sound easily when the app is started or receives focus.

For background tasks you should consult the platform’s native API. You have a much better chance of finding information there. Of course in many cases you can still use Unity to create the “frontend” of your app, but you will need to embed native commands for low-level functionality beyond.

Just in case here is a link to one of the official Unity tutorials: Sound Effects Also check the learn site and documentation for related topics.