I want to make an undertale kinda game, how do I implement pixl art?

I’m just a beginner and want to make a simple game with a triving story, wich sofwares could i use to make my art and implement it. I did some research and found the UPA toolkit, maybe someone is familiar with this. thx already ^^.

Well one thing you may need is this post, which shows a few edits to Unity’s default settings that you will need to make to stop unity trying to smooth edges etc.

To Make sprites, just simply use any image editor. I would Recommend Paint.net

Another necessary resource would be the Unity Tutorial Videos, especially if you have never worked with unity before.

Lastly, a lot of questions can be answered with a simple google search, but try to break problems down into smaller, simpler ones, as its more likely they’ll have been answered before. For Example, when I needed to make sprites change when a button was pressed, I googled:

“Unity Change Sprite” and,
“Unity Check for Button Press”
and I could then combine the 2 areas to create what I needed to do.