I want to pause and clear a particle system and be able to start it again, but I am using the Sparkle Rising particle which has no Particle System?

Hello, I have the default ‘Sparkle Rising’ asset particle to make an in-game item sparkle, but I want it to stop when I do something but start again when I want to. I have tried doing ParticleSystem.Stop and wrote this script

#pragma strict

private var myParticles : ParticleSystem;
function Start()
    myParticles = GetComponent(ParticleSystem);
 //myParticles.Stop(); to stop particles, myParticles.Clear(); to erase them
 function Update() {
 if(ClickChest.selected == true){
if(ClickChest.selected == false){

but there is no particle system on this particular particle. I tried adding one, but it did nothing. Is there a way to stop the emitter or something? Thanks.

Try just using GameObject.SetActive() instead of particlesystem