i want to scale 3d object to minimize it

i wrote the next line
currentGameObject.transform.localScale += new Vector3(-0.1F,-0.1F,-0.1F);
but first time to scale it make object upside down then translate it i do not now why is that please help me

That’s normal. Negative scales are allowed. They make the object inside-out and backwards, but some things look fine that way.

It isn’t really translating. In the Inspector with any non-centered model (xyz not in middle,) scale it to -1,-1,-1. You’ll see that the xyz tool doesn’t move. But all the parts that went up are now going down, and so on. Scale of x=2 means “twice as far right as normal.” Scale of x=-0.5 means “instead of right, go left half as much.”

Simplest way to hide an object is curObject.renderer.enabled=false;. Or, if it’s a child, something like curObj.Find("mesh").renderer.... Or, if it won’t be running scripts or anything, curObj.SetActive(false);