I want to send a file loaded from an assetbundle to another application at runtime


I have been working with Asset Bundles for a while and my current project has some rather advanced needs.

I want to load a file from an asset bundle and then send the path to that file to an outside program.

I already have the file loading from the asset bundle using LoadFromFile, and I can start the outside application with ProcessStart, but no matter what path I try to use, I can’t seem to get the right path to that file I’m loading out of the Asset Bundle.

I have checked my Local, LocalLow and Roaming AppData folders… but no luck.

Can anyone help with this advanced question please.

Thank you in advance,

*** SOLVED ****

  1. Rename the asset I’m loading to have “.bytes” as the file type.
  2. Rebuild the assetBundle
  3. Load the file from the asset bundle
  4. Write it to a file as a byte array
  5. Access that file from the third party programs “Command Line” options when starting the process.
  6. Done!