I want to use the current scale x of my object to help calculate my score. . .

I have animated objects in my game that have a changing "scale x" value. I want to use the "scale x" value to determine points earned by destroying that object at a specific scale (bigger "scale x" equals more points)

Here is my script:


var buck : int = 0;
function OnMouseOver () {
if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) //I click on the object

`    buck++; //******Needs to be buck = buck + Scale X of this object******, How do I make this line utilize the scale x of this object
    Destroy (gameObject);//object is destroyed
    ScoreBoard.SCORE = ScoreBoard.SCORE + buck;//score is applied to my SCORE variable


} }


How do I point my script in the direction of my object's "scale x" value?

buck += transform.localScale.x;


buck += transform.lossyScale.x;

which isn't local, but can go a bit wonky when oddly rotated in a parent