I wanted to make some scripts but the softaware mono develop is missing


i wanted to make a game but it needs scripts and my mono developer is missing from start so i cant work now please notify me a solution if any

If MonoDevelop is not installed then run the Unity Installer again and make sure it is checked. It might be installed already though. In Unity double-click a script or go to Assets>Open C# Project.

Click Edit(Top Left of Main Unity Window) > Preferences

If you have Mono Develop Installed, click External Tools and the drop down by External Script Editor. If you want some other program Like Notepad++(https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ efficient and reliable text editor!), you can use them aswell. In Edit > Preferences > External Tools, navigate to the executable file(.exe) of whatever text editor you want to use and select it. Now, when you open a script through Unity, it will open the script with your selected text editor.

Also, you do not need Mono Develop to write scripts for your game. you can manually open and edit them through the File Explorer. You can create scripts in the Unity editor by Right clicking in the Assets window, and clicking create.

I hope I could help!