I was trying to buy from asset store, paying with paypal, yet I wasn't able. What do I need to do to pay with paypal?

I need to pay using paypal because I can’t use credit card at the moment. Please help me I wan’t to buy before the promo is over!.



Hi MWorks_2012. We’d prefer that you use the Unity3D Asset Store.

But since it does not support PayPal yet, we made it available on our site, http://www.u3dxt.com/shop. Go ahead and add the U3DXT iOS SDK product to the cart, click on view cart, and then checkout. You should be able to use PayPal to check out. The package is similar to the Asset Store package except that it will also have an auto check for update feature.

If there’s a pop-up for update after importing the asset, just hit enter to auto-update to the newest version.