I would like a list of multiplayer tutorials.

I would like a list or what ever of great multiplayer tutorials. Heres what I would like to see.

How to set up a master server(and hook it up with unity)
how to make it multiplayer
Extra things to make sure outside connections can connect.
Using unity’s built in connect.
And also rare tutorials, like ones people almost never see.

I don’t care if they are too huge, too small, torrents, documentaries or even other wedsites. this isn’t mostly for me, but for everyone who comes across this.

I have posted sevral posts before this about different topics and I appoligize if this is redundant and stupid. but its quite hard.


This should help :slight_smile:

Pick any you like: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=unity+multiplayer+tutorial&sm=3