I would like to ask you about VR UI interaction.

We are producing VR programs using SteamVR and HTC VR devices.

In order to see the current UI through a VR device, we have finished displaying the Canvas by setting it to worldSpace.

However, the added button UI does not interact with the laser pointer of the VR device.

Laser point was created by adding the Steam VR_Laser Point script to the LeftHand as shown in the following picture, and by adding a box collider to the button UI, it is confirmed that the laser pointer touches, but does not change to the Highlighted Color when touched. How do I set it to be interactive? Help…

Well, you don’t actually have a picture as stated in your question but that’s ok. What people would likely want to see a screen grab of would be your inspector. What I would be looking for on your button in the inspector, since you state you are using SteamVR, would be the SteamVR interactable.cs and the UIElement.cs. Granted those scripts are for interacting with the hand not the laser pointer but they should get you most of the way there and may even work with the laser pointer however I have not tested that.