I would like to make an isometric camera in a racing game 3d someone could help me?

hello, please i need help on how to make an isometric camera in a game I’m working on, even without any programming skills and gaming design (but I have a little skill, but a little bit), the game will run or flee something, a racing game. I’ve done three scripts and the only one that came close was this:

"#pragma Strict
var target: Transform; var follow-up = 0.3; private var speed = Vector3.zero; var rotation = Quaternion.identity;
Start function () {
function Update () {      var posicaoDoAlvo: Vector3 = alvo.TransformPoint (Vector3 (0, 5, -10));
     transform.position = Vector3.SmoothDamp (transform.position, posicaoDoAlvo, speed, follow-up);         } ".

The appearance of the camera is strange, seems to be eating the scenery and the car in half, but at least follows the object (the car) if someone please help me.

The reason it is being “Eaten in half” is because the camera is inside of the car, this is a very common issue and a very easy one to fix, too. Move the camera away from the car, then click on the camera and go into the inspector. Click on FOV (or field of view, I can’t remember), and turn it up until you like it. Last, set the projection from perspective, to orthographic (the same thing as isometric) then change the position and rotation of the camera so that it looks how you want it. Isometric is just an orthographic camera with a 45° rotation to the player.