I2 Localization ( The most complete Localization solution for Unity )

I2 Localization
Now Available in the Asset Store

I'm glad to announce that the I2 Localization plugin is available in the Asset Store

It initially was targeted to improve the localization of NGUI by introducing custom editors with tons of tools to easy the workflow.

But currently, it is the single most complete Localization system in the Assetstore supporting lot of plugins (uGUI, NGUI, TextMeshPro, DF-GUI, 2DToolkit, among others).

It includes lot of Advanced Tools to easily localize every part of the project, while also allowing shared spreadsheets for external translators.

I2L can automatically translate texts using Google Translator (offline and even at runtime for translating chat messages) while keeping track of terms that are no longer used, even when spread over multiple scenes.

Also allows categorizing and multi-filters to easily parse large databases and provide tools to detect common errors and suggest fixes.

Here is a short trailer showing how it works!

Version 2.0.0

While the plugin was pending review in the store I continue updating it and adding features to easy the localization process. I will be sending it for review early next week but anyone who buy the plugin will get access to download the latest one directly.

The new changes allow localizing not only Labels, Sprites, and UITextures, but also Sounds, Fonts, Prefabs, Atlasses.

Other features Include:

  • DF-GUI
  • uGUI as of the latest Unity Beta (uGui only available for Unity Beta Testers).
  • Localization of several elements in each target (Labels localize the text and the Font according to the language, Sprites modify the SpriteName and the Atlas, etc)
  • Categorizing Keys for easy browsing
  • Compile-Time-Checking for terms used in the scripts.

And a lot more!

Release notes for the current version (1.0.2) up to the latest alpha (2.0.0 a1) can be found at the Inter-Illusion Forums

If you have any suggestion on how to improve the plugin or need help setting it up, don't hesitate in joining the Inter-Illusion forum

Thanks a lot for all the support and the suggestions of everyone that joined the beta! It helped a lot!


Hi Guys,

I’m glad to announce that I2 Localization 2.0.0 was sent to the AssetStore.

The new version provides support for automatic fixing of Arabic and other Right-To-Left languages with corrected Tashkeel and Hindu numbers.

More details can be found on the release notes

BTW, remember that all those who purchased the I2 Localization can contact me to get access to the download section and be able of downloading the latest version without waiting for it to be available in the AssetStore.


Your website is broken


Thanks for pointing that up!
I had a typo in the URL. Now its pointing to the correct location.


Is it downloading all the languages to be available at runtime? Can't really tell from the video.

Also, nice music for the movie. Where did it come from?

The languages setup happens on the Editor and that information is saved within the game. Currently, for downloading extra languages at runtime you could add them to another LanguageSource and download it as a bundle. The plugin is able to use several Languages Source at the same time for expanding the terms and languages.

Nonetheless, I like a lot that idea of getting the info from the Spreadsheets at runtime. In the next versions I will move the code that downloads the Spreadsheets data from the Custom Editor into the Language Source.

That way, when the game starts, the language source could check if the Spreadsheet has changed and if so download the data and add that to its cache. That will make possible to add new languages and corrections after the game is live on the store.

This functionality may not work on all platforms without a workaround, but it will be an awesome feature to have on the platforms that support it!

About the trailer music: Its "Two Steps From Hell-SkyWorld-Extreme Music".
I was searching for a trailer like sound band and this was the first hit. I really loved it from the first time I heard it!!

Good news,

The latest update was approved and its life in the Store!

Among its new changes the update includes default Language Variations (United Kingdom English vs United State English, etc).

In total over 170 languages and variations are supported and the AutoTranslation is set to use the regions as well.

This is the best location component that I have ever used.
Become a multi-language game is very simple, easy and fast, it works out of the box.
Integrates it with Ngui (or DFGUI) is faster. And we can translate the terms in the interface itself, using Gdocs spreadsheets, categorizing terms. It is much easier to manage languages​​, I recommend.

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that version 2.0.1 of the I2 Localization plugin is now available at the I2 Community.

This new version adds lot of fixes and tweaks for making the editors as intuitive as possible.
Check the release notes at the inter illusion forum

Thanks for all the feedback! And if there is any other feature that you feel is missing, please let me know!

I wonder if all the functions work with Unity free?

Yes, everything works in Unity free.
I am using this plugin and it is perfect, make a game multi-language is more simple and easy, and maintain translation files, it is also very simple.
Highly recommend.


Thanks Apiweb! I'm glad you have found the plugin useful!

Today I have more good news: Version 2.0.1 was approved and it’s on the AssetStore.

This version fixes several issues and makes the Editor far more intuitive than before.

Also, a feature that I think will be interesting for project accessing the localization directly on the code is the Compile Time Checking:

The editor is able to auto-generate an script file and exposes some of the terms as variables. That way if you make a Typo the compiler will warn you about it. That eliminates the need of accessing Terms by string which could introduce errors because of Typos, Terms no longer existing, etc.

I hope you find this useful and if you have any other suggestion, please don’t hesitate in posting here or at the Inter-Illusion forum.

Also, The plugin is now temporally on Sale. 50% OFF!!


Hi guys!

Check this video/tutorial describing how to localize a Project containing Labels/Sounds/Textures. It shows how to interact with the Unity Standard components, but the same procedure works for NGUI, DF-GUI and uGUI.

Let me know if you have any questions or join the inter inter-illusion forum for better support.

Hmm... This look great; I will probably use it.

In the video I'm localizing a GUIText.text
Also you can at the same time localize the GUIText.font

That way the text can use different fonts according to the language. This is useful for handling Chinese and other non-Latin languages etc.

BTW, The plugin is now 50% OFF until version 2.0.2 gets approved in the Store!

Hi guys!

I'm glad to announce that version 2.0.3 b1 is available for download at the i2 community!

If you bought the plugin and don't have access to the community, send me an email and I will add you!

Version 2.0.2 is now live on the Asset Store.
But remember that you can download 2.0.3 b1 from the i2 community while the asset store approve it.

Hi guys!

Version 2.0.3 b2 is available for download from the Private Community.

It adds fixing for when the localized targets have invalid atlas/Fonts. Localization of Prefabs is used as the last option to easy the localization of projects with deep hierarchies, among others.

As always, thanks for all the feedback! It has really help making the plugin this big!

Hi, I am getting an error when i try to export to Google.

Any idea why?

Hi halfbot

It seems that google updated the spreadsheet format. Every spreadsheet created after april 1st uses the new format.

The url of the new docs are like:

instead of the classic:

The current google API seems to have problems writing data as reported at

While that gets fixed you could duplicate one of the spreadsheet with the classic format. The plugin exports fine to those spreadsheets.

You could open the following spreadsheet and make a copy into your google drive:

Just follow the link, and then in the menu select "File\Make a Copy". That will create an spreadsheet with the format you need to export the localization data.