i5 or i7 for Unity Projects?

Hi! I’m an Informatic Engineer student.

I start my path on Unity making my own projects with a laptop with i5 2xxx, but a very bad Graphic Card (GT 630M).
I’m Building a new ATX PC with GTX 960 4GB, but the questions is…

Unity for begginers and indie projects should need a i7 (i7 4690) or i5 is suffiecient?

My Pc runs correctly Unity tutorials, but i don’t know if is only because is very simple.
Like a student that is working for pay university i try to save most money posible, but i don’t want to buy something that don’t work for my projects next year.

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

PD: I read about performance, and i5 don’t bottleneck the GTX960.

Late answer but i saw people still dropping in

I guess it’s all up to what use you are going to make of it , if you are gonna run projects while 3d modelling and rendering you should really get an i7 for smoother multi-tasking , on the other hand the i5 is currently the best option price/performance wise , that is if you don’t run multiple cpu intensive applications at a time , plus that graphics card is good enough to sustain decently unity projects before optimization

In my own experience along this year creating an VR app for gear and cardboard i thnink that the most important is RAM and graphic card.

I’m working with 2 different PC,
Asus Envy I7, 8 GB RAM and no graphic Card,
Asus GL552 i5, 12GB and nvidia 960.

Maybe Envy wins in terms of speed, but, sometimes are heavly affected by RAM consume and render.
On the other hand, GL552 never have problems working with unity, visual studio and others at the same time thanks to this extra RAM and the nvidia.

I hope this help somebody in the future.