iAds not showing in release build... is this normal?

I have three games that I have just released. All feature iADs. Between the three of them, I have received just over 2k downloads in the first day, the issue is that NONE of the games are displaying iAds.

The test ads were working fine before release and a friend of mine even said that he had a test ad appearing on his phone (he downloaded it soon after launch) but since then, no test ads, no nothing.

I know the code is correct, as, as I said, the test ads were working fine… what else could this be? Is it a Unity thing? I understand the fill rate is generally pretty low but 0% across three titles? That’s NOT going to help me in any way.


Hmmm, after digging around Google, I found that ads can take up to 4 days before they start showing. I’ll mark this answer as correct for now, as HOPEFULLY that is my problem.