iam 14 years old and i want to learn programming unity in C# what you recommend for me to learn it ?

i have some information about C# but not much i want to be a game programmer in future
what do you recommend for me to learn it ?

Now one thing you might as well learn right of the batch; Google google google. Never ask first. If you got a question someone else asked it. Right now that it’s out of the way, to learn C# or any programming, and at a age of 14 you need to be very determined, it’s not gonna work first time, and it’s gonna be the smallest mistakes that break code.

The BEST suggestion is to learn about the Unity interface first, then doing some tutorials to make games, but please take this advice to heart, don’t overdo your games, start small, very small. Here are some examples of tuts where you learn to make simple games.