IAP button work in editor but not work in Android device ?

Hi everyone! My question is
IAP button not work in Android device
When I run editor everything works perfectly fake store show buy and cancel successfully but when I build APK and install in mobile and hit on button nothing will happens… Even I try with Google play console I setup everything perfectly. For testing purpose I also build IAP scene which is demo scene by IAP same problem happens that’s means the issue not related to me ???
Kindly help!!!

An important thing to note when exporting your game to a mobile port is that some functions work differently compared to their PC counterpart, meaning you’ll have to adjust some scripts. When working with buttons specifically, adding an AndroidBlitType reference to your UI canvas should do the job.
It’s kind of a work-around, as It’s not stated anywhere in the Unity manuals, but everyone makes this mistake at some point.

Hoped this helped a bit! :slight_smile: