Hie everybod,
i have been working on a project and im using Google Play Service,Google Analytics and Facebook SDK they are working together without problem but when i import the IAP Service to my project it gives ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE. I couldn’t find any answer on forums can someone please help me?
(I am using Unity 5.4.1f1)

Did you make it work?

I used to have the same issue and keep fixing it simply by selecting Window->Unity IAP->Android->Target Google Play, but after I updated Facebook SDK and added Facebook Audience Network SDK this doesn’t help :confused:

Anyone has some fix for this?

i try to move project location to C:\ and build again, it solved problem for now.

i found that solution from here

I didnt have time for detailed research but i will be looking for this issue during next two weeks if i can find any answer i will let you know :slight_smile: @Prophet1111