IAP init failed?

I’m getting IAP init failed. i’m running just a modified IAPTest.cs in my own scene.

  • bundle id matches
  • item id’s match
  • using test account
  • debug output says canMakePayments is true
  • error message does include the proper item id’s
  • items have been cleared for sale, but not submitted for review
  • application hasn’t been submitted for review, status is “waiting for upload” and the IAP’s are tied to this version
  • paid items contract still not in effect (pending bank/tax info) – not sure if this matters?

…is there a way to increase verbosity of the debug logging, so I can get some insight as to why init failed?

sounds like tax info is required even for sandbox. it’s a shame for start-ups that don’t have this yet…

Hi mmunson, you may have figured it out. But in the future, you can use e.error.LocalizedDescription() to get info from the InitializationFailed event.

Check your Bundle Id must match starting part of product id