IAP unity plugin Android not working

I have followed the iap unity tutorial to implement in app purchases. It seems to work in the editor. When i run it i see the logging passing by in positive sense. I also see that my code works when i bought something through the editor. However when i run the apk in alpha mode in the app store it seems that i cannot buy anything. When i push the button nothing happens on my mobile device. I used the product id that i added in the Google console. Als my key added in the apk.

Can somebody help me with this issue?
Do i have to set something in the alpha testing?

For if somebody is reading this I have this fixed.
I had to add builder.Configure().SetPublicKey(“the public key in your developer console”);

This is not documented in the tutorial as far as I could find.

We have the same problem, we tried adding the ‘builder.Configure().SetPublicKey’ instruction you said before, but we have still problems, and the app purchase is still not working.