Icon looks terrible in Windows. Please help

Hello, I have searched through unityAnswers but am unable to find a solution to my problem. I have made a different resolution image for each of the resolution options available in the “Standalone” Icon section of the player settings: 1024, 512, 256, 128, 48, 32 and 16. I have the images set as textures in the inspector and they are set to true color(rather than compressed). When I make a build and check the icon in Windows it is pixelated and looks terrible no matter what I set the icon size to be in that window(Extra Large, Large, Medium or Small). I would greatly appreciate any guidance on where I am going wrong here. Thanks!

If you are talking about textures that should be shown as part of the GUI, then don’t set them up as Texture, but rather Legacy GUI or Sprite. Also make sure that their are always drawn in the correct size (preferably using their .width and .height values as the drawing rectangle’s width and height). Last but not least, consider setting the Filter Mode to point, this will prevent blurring (but looks awful if the texture is not scaled in multiple’s of it’s size).

I am posting this as an answer in case if someone else encounters this issue. Once I copied the .exe launcher file to another folder, Windows began showing the icon properly adjusting to the appropriate resolution. It seems that the issue only occurs in the initial folder that the .exe file is output to when you build with Unity. This of course shouldn’t be a problem once it is packaged in an installation package.