i have a idea for a base jumping game but im fairly new to unity. I want to be able to jump from large cliffs and mabey open my wing suite and buzz around the side of the cliffs i want this all to be in first person i have all the terrain made but i do not kno how to script a first person controller to move threw the air every time i jump off the cliff i created it just falls straight down please help and i would love a tutor willing to pay

This sounds like you may be looking for serious assistance.

The Unity Forum has a collaboration section that lets users meet other users and match skills to needs.

The Unity Answers site is just for questions that have a single, correct answer and it will be impossible to get the assistance you need here.

If you just need help adjusting your character controller script, then this is the perfect place to ask a specific question, where you list what you have tried, what exactly went wrong and what you'd like to see.

Sorry, but this is UnityAnswers, not UnityTutors. We can't write the scripts for you or teach you how to - there are tutorials for that. However, we can give you a lot of help, because, after all, it's called UnityAnswers. In regards to your game, one option is to increase the jump speed variable on the first person controller.

Just lower the gravity in your player and increase the jump then when you jump it will be slower when you fall from the jump like having a parachute