ideal Statistic for iphone

Hello i am using unity3d free + ios

i am working on a 3d game i wonder my game performance is ok?

Game Stats:

Graphics: 10.4ms/frame ( 96.6FPS )
Draw Calls: 9 bathced: 0
Tris: 6.2k verts: 6k
used Textures: 8 - 4.1 MB
Render Textures: 1 - 38.5 KB switches: 0
Screen: 640 x 960 - 7.0 MB
Vram usage: 7.1 MB to 12.2 MB
VBO Total: 110 - 1.1 MB
Shadow Casters: 0
Visible Skinned Meshes:0 Animations:1

also can you help me what are the limit values of Stats ( vram, drawcalss vs…)


It’s really impossible to give you an answer. The performance will depend greatly on how you have written your shaders. Each iOS device is different from the next, so your game might run fine on an iPhone 4S (fast) and badly on an iPad (slow). As Syclamoth says, try your game on a few different devices, and come and ask for help if you don’t understand the results you get.

For what it’s worth, your stats don’t sound too aggressive.