If a Collaborate-enabled project is up to date for all collaborators, should the behavior of the project not also be consistent for all collaborators?

The project that I am working on uses Unity Collaborate to sync changes across the team’s devices. We have just run into an issue such that our projects are said to be up to date via Collaborate, but the behavior of our project differs slightly. When we try to run the current build of our project in the “Game” tab, a particular animation cannot be visibly seen after clicking a button that changes an animator variable such that a transition would occur to produce the animation on-screen. This issue is present for all but one of the team members; that one is myself.

It is my understanding that if the project is up to date for all collaborators, the behavior should be exactly the same when run in the “Game” tab. If there is a flaw in this understanding, then I would greatly appreciate a reference for more information on how this may be incorrect. If this understanding is accurate, then I would like to suggest that there may be an unknown bug or glitch of some sort at hand.

The issue was solved. There was bug where all the files were not syncing. A “Restore” forced the files to sync again.