if condition question...

Hello. How would I incorporate a math function (specifically a simple number pattern) into an if condition? Currently it is set up like this (is there a more efficient way to do this)? Thanks

if (VAR==1||4|| 7){};
if (VAR==2||5|| 8){};
if (VAR==3||6|| 9){};

I think you will need:

if ((VAR==1) || (VAR==4) || (VAR==7)){
    //do it
// etc

for your tests to work. I'd be inclined to use a switch statement:

    case 1 :
    case 4 :
    case 7 : // do it
    case 2 :
    case 5 :
    case 8 : // do it
    case 3 :
    case 6 :
    case 9 : // do it

Note that your question is not strictly related to Unity, but is javascript question. This site might not be the best place to ask for this kind of help.