if else else if problems with switch statements

what is wrong with this code?

        var user = prompt("You want to get out of jail do you : Option 1);
switch (user) {
    case 'OPTION 1':
        confirm("you wait to get out of jail like a good inmate but on your last day you get shanked for looking at a guy wrong. You bleed out before your able to reach a hospital.");
    case 'OPTION 2':
        var time = prompt("How many hours a day do you spend on digging yourself out of the jail? note : just put the number of hours  example: 2, or 12 or any ammount of numbers");
        if (time >= 8) {
            confirm("You spent too much time on digging your self out and got caught by one of the guards and now you spend the rest of your sentence being constantly watched. You also dont comply with bubba and end up dead in your cell with a broken neck");
        } else if (time >= 3, time <= 7) {
            confirm("You spent just the right ammount of time and Get out in halve the time of your sentence with a changed name and bleached hair");
        } else if (time is >= 1, time <= 2) {
            confirm("You spent minimal ammount of time but still got out at the age of 45 and now you get to constantly say 'would you like ketchup with that'");
        } else {
            confirm("You decided to not spend alot of time digging out of jail. So you never got out until your sentence was up and now your 60 years old with no money and end up dying of hunger");
    case 'OPTION 3':
        var inmates = prompt("There are 150 inmates how many do you try to convince to break out ?");
        if (inmates >= 110) {
            confirm("You told to many inmates about the jailbreak and someone ratted you out. The prison is now on lockdown and you added 20 more years to your sentence");
        } else if (inmates > 40, inmates < 110) {
            confirm("You successfully pull off the jailbreak.... on your way out you get shot in the leg and  you decide to wing it and not get caught checking in to the hospital. You die of gangrene");
        } else {
            confirm("Are you kidding me? the jailbreak is unsuccessfull and you are shot in the head attempting it.");
            case 'OPTION 4':
                var money = prompt("You have 2000$ on your account how much do you pay the guy?");
                if (money >= 1500) {
                    confirm("you just all/ almost all of your money! The guy thinks you are an idiot and just takes your money... You try to kill him but his bodyguards stop you and you are found dead in your cell drowned in the toilet");
                } else if (money >= 400, money < 1500) {
                    confirm(" You are taken away at night and blindfolded. For three days straight you have no clue where your at. You end up in your hometown with a new I.D., bleached hair,not able to contact any family members, and your leftover money. You go on to live a happy life.")
                } else {
                    confirm("You didnt spend enough of your money and the guy is offended and you end up dead in your cell hung from your bed");
                confirm("Incorrect syntax");
  • You haven’t closed the speech marks on the first line
  • It’s badly indented - all case statements should be in line with each other
  • You’ve spelled “ammount” incorrectly
  • Your else conditions have bad syntax: else if (money >= 400, money < 1500) - what’s that meant to mean? Assuming that you “money is greater than 400 AND less than 1500?” then you should write else if (money >= 400 && money < 1500)