If I buy Unity Pro and iOS addon, can I install on 3 computers?

I have a Unity Pro license installed on 2 computers (home & work), both of which are running Windows.

If I buy the iOS addon can I install this on a third computer (a mac).

The reason I ask is because if the answer is no, then couldn't I simply purchase the addon as a separate license, then install iOS with a free version of Unity.


Pro (Computer1, Computer2)

Free + iOS (Computer3)

compared with

Pro + iOS (Computer1, Computer2, Computer3)

The answer is in the first section of the End User License Agreement.

Excerpt from the current Unity 3.x EULA as of Oct 28, 2010:

Except during the trial period, the Software must not be used without a valid license. A license of the Software must only be used on one computer at a time. The Software may be installed on a second computer for sole use by the user of the License except for discounted Academic versions which may only be installed on a single computer.

So: up to two computers, and only the licensed user can use them (two people can't share Unity using those two installs.)

Also: buying Pro or iOS licenses add those platforms to your existing license. They are not independent licenses that can be installed on two more computers. The best explanation of this I've seen is here: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/550/about-limited-to-running-your-pro-license-on-up-to-two-machines Basically, it's tied to your serial number.

Good idea, but no... =(

Lot of confusion here. Put simply:

If you own Unity Pro and iOS Pro, you have one single license. iOS Pro is an add-on to the Unity Pro license.

The license allows you to install on two seperate computers at any time.

If you need to move between computers, support@unity.com can help you do that by releasing the license (you will have to remove Unity from any computer it is not being used on) so you can re-install on another machine.